Chips & Bits software streamlines racetracks pari-mutuel operations. Its modules are designed to support the settlements, accounting and operations processes of any kind of track.

Once you've selected Chips & Bits for your track, training, installation and support for the software comes with no additional charge … EVER! There's also no charge for customizing the program to your track, your local situation and/or your state's unique reporting requirements.

Simply buy Chips & Bits once, pay the monthly maintenance fee, and we'll adapt, change, modify, re-configure, refresh and/or customize your program in whatever ways you need for as long as you want.

It comes down to built-in customization, and that's the big advantage of Chips & Bits racetrack software. Click on the “Contact” icon, call us, and we'll prove that this is the most efficient, least expensive racetrack software package you can own.